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A lovely weekend in Kaapsehoop

After spending a lovely weekend in Kaapsehoop, the mythical little town has somehow managed to lure me in and leave me wanting more. This gorgeous old town, just a short drive out of Nelspruit has the feeling of being back in the olden days, where you would play on your granny’s front porch, or run up and down the road until the sun went down.

Formally known as Duiwels Kantoor (The Devils Office) back when it was still a booming mining town, the name changed to Kaapsehoop in 1886 once the gold had stopped rushing. The quaint little town still boasts many of its original buildings, most of which have now been converted into art and craft shops, pubs and the usual little quirky shops you find in petite old towns.

Among the charms of Kaapsehoop, the free roaming wild horses are the most iconic. As the mist rolls in over the mountains, you catch glimpses of these almost mythical creatures and it leaves you feeling as if you were in an Enid Blyton story book. It is said that the wild horses outnumber the people in the town by 2:1, the locals of the town take great care in ensuring the well being of the horses.

A stop not to be missed while in Kaapsehoop is the eclectic Bohemian Groove café and art gallery. The owners Andrea and Charl Fourie who are both artists, will welcome you with open arms. Just make sure you arrive hungry because Andrea’s homecooked meals are the epitome of soul food, with most of the fresh ingredients coming out of her garden. Charl’s blacksmith workshop on the property has created many of the art pieces in the restaurant come art gallery and if you are on the hunt for a custom piece, Charl is your go to guy.

Once you have enjoyed the arty quirks of the town, I would highly recommend going for a hike on the Kaapsehoop Escarpment Walking Trail, the route is technical in some places, but folk of most abilities will manage and the view at the end of the trail will be worth it. Imagine standing on the edge of a cliff with the most majestic view of the Barberton Valley, the phrase “I’m the king of the world” comes to mind.

Finally, for the adventurous folk out there I can highly recommend getting in touch with Kaapsehoop Adventures, they have a myriad of things to offer you, horseback riding, bird watching, hikes to stunning waterfalls to name a few. Exciting things are on the cards for these guys as they are in the process of launching their new MTB trails that were built thanks to Advendurance Ashburton MTB race that was held in Kaapsehoop in October last year.

Be sure to get yourself to Kaapsehoop and take in everything that this gem of a town has to offer.

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