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Change is in the air, and a celebration too!

Do you feel something new and exciting in the air? Clue: It’s not just the winter’s chill!

Change is in the air, and a celebration too!

If you’ve been looking to book one of our tours, shuttles or long-haul trips this weekend, or just poking around the website for curiosity, you’ll already have noticed the changes. That’s right- our home on the web has undergone its very own revamp, launching a sparkling new website only last week.
The design is simpler and elegant, making it far easier to access the information you need to make your booking simple and swift. We’ve also tidied up a lot of the way the interface displays on mobile devices, meaning you literally can book from anywhere in the world, anytime, anywhere with no hassles.  And remember, you’re always more than welcome to chat with our service agents too if you need assistance at any time.
That’s not the only milestone we celebrated this week, however.  We’ve now passed our 50 000th passenger transported on our Johannesburg- Kruger route, a phenomenal marker point which makes us proud to be here to help you make your Kruger dreams come true. Remember, if you’re looking for a more holistic experience, Ashton’s tours can assist you with our unique lodge and shuttle combination packages, helping you make your planning simple, streamlined and efficient. Alongside our partner lodges, we’ve been able to line up some fantastic deals so why not head over to the website to check them out? You’ll get the opportunity to take the new website out for a spin too. Who knows- you may well be our next milestone passenger we shuttle!

Remember, if you’re looking for the perfect solution to get you to the Kruger, Ashton’s tours are here to help. From simple shuttles to a holistic bush experience, we’ll get you there in style.

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